Internal Audit and Comittee Audit

Simon Halim – Chairman

Born in Bogor on March 28, 1962, 51 Years. He earned Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from Parahyangan University (1986) and a Master’s Degree in Accounting from University of Indonesia in 2010.

He serves as Commissioner of the Company since 2011 for ve-year tenure. Previously he served as Supervisor of KPMG Sudjendro & Partner (1984-1988), Manager of KPMG Peat Marwick, Melbourne, Australia (1988-1990), Senior Manager of KPMG Hanadi, Sudjendro & Partner (1992-1998), Executive Partner of KPMG Hanadi, Sudjendro & Partner (1992-1998) as well as Commissioner of PT Artimas Kencana Murni (1995-1998), PT Pandu Dian Pertiwi (1995-1998), PT Berau Coal (1995-1998), PT Suryaraya Teladan (1995-1998), PT Finansia Pacifa Raya (1995-1998). He was also Director of Finance for PT Ariawest International (1995-1998), Partner Specialist Industry of Ernst & Young Indonesia (1999-2000), CEO of Ernst & Young Indonesia (2000-2005), Commissioner of PT Finansia Multinance (2005-present), Independent Commissioner of PT Apexindo Pratama Duta, Tbk. (2008-present), CEO of PP Indoconsult Utama (2005-present), CEO of PT Arghajata Consulting (2009-present), and Independent Commissioner of PT Jasa Angkasa Semesta, Tbk (2010-2012).

Agus Kretarto – Audit Committee Members

An Indonesian citizen, born in Purwokerto on August 7, 1959, 54 Years. He earned his Accountant title from the State Accountant Institution (1987) and a Master of Management degree from the University of Indonesia (1991). He has attended various courses and seminars at home country and abroad. Knowledge of capital market regulation was obtained when he served as Corporate Secretary at public companies.

He began his career as an auditor at the Financial and Development Supervisory Board (1981-1992). Working at PT Bank Rama Tbk (1993-2000) with positions as Head of Internal Audit, Head of Planning and Development Division, and Corporate Secretary. He served as Corporate Secretary of PT Mustika Ratu Tbk (2001), Compliance Director of Bank Harmoni Internasional (2002-2003), and Member of the Executive Board of Jakarta Water Supply Regulatory Body (2005-2011). Having experienced as the Audit Committee of public companies, namely PT Bank International Indonesia Tbk and PT Jasa Angkasa Semesta Tbk.

Teuku Radja Sjahnan – Audit Committee Members

Born in Sabang on the February 1, 1968, 45 years. He holds a Bachelor of Economics from University of Indonesia (1994) and a Masters in Finance from London Business School (2000). Obtained CISA certification in 1994 and Certificate of BSMR (level 2) in 2011.

He began his career as an IT auditor at the Supreme Audit Board of Indonesia (1988-2006). Appointed as a member of the audit committee at Bank BNI (2001-2009). Consultant at the World Bank Oce in Jakarta (2007-2008). From 2009 until now a consultant at PT Dua Raja Net and assist various institutions to become a member of the audit committee, includes: Barclays Bank of Indonesia, Bank BNI Syariah, PT Cardig Aero Services.

Ferdy Fahdrian – Head of Internal Audit

Currently the position of the Company’s Internal Audit Head is occupied by Ferdy Fahdrian, an Indonesian National, born in Jakarta on 18 September 1982.He joined the Company in June 2010, and previously was the Internal Audit Head of a subsidiary of the Company (PT Jasa Angkasa Semesta Tbk) and subsequently became the Head of Internal Audit of the Company in March 2016.Started his career in 2004, he worked as an Auditor at the Public Accountant Firm of Hendrawinata Gani & Rekan, member of Grant Thornton – Registered Public Accountant. In 2006 he became a consultant of Ferrier Hodgson – a Commercial Consulting Firm. Before he joined the Company, he worked as Internal Auditor at PT Media Nusantara Citra Tbk, since 2008.He obtained a dual degree as Sarjana Ekonomi in accountance from the University of Trisakti and a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA-Honours) in Internal Business from the Edith Cowan University, Perth-Western Australia in 2004. He obtained the degree of Magister Management from Universitas Indonesia in the field of Finance & Marketing in 2010.