At its initial establishment, PT Cardig Aero Services Tbk (CAS Group) has already set in motion a series of through planning and execution that would fully realize CAS’ clear vision to become the aviation industry’s preferred one-stop service provider and provide a solid foundation to thrive in the ever-growing economy of Indonesia. At CAS Group, we believe that values shape our decisions and actions and is significant in bringing our vision to fruition with the most effective and efficient approaches. By developing a values driven culture in our organization, we shape our company’s personality and how people perform within the organization. Based on this philosophy, we have adopted three main values: Customer Centric, Always Achieving, and Serving Sincerely.

In our continuing mission that embodies our core values of delivering service excellence through customer centric innovative solutions, a constant drive to achieve a status where we are the best at what we do, and serving our customers with full sincerity, we have developed our expertise and infrastructure thoroughly to perfectly meet the often stringent and unique demands of our esteemed clients and customers. We have been on the forefront of the aviation and food service industry ever since the establishment of our first operations in 1984.

We have then continued to evolve as exemplified establishing or acquiring subsidiary brands that has helped strengthened our foothold as the preferred customer centric solution provider in the aviation, food and other related industries. Ever since December 2011, CAS Group has been publicly listed in the Indonesian stock exchange. In 2013, the company was able to maintain its share price despite the global economic crisis and other economic factors that weakened a portion of Indonesia’s macro conditions such as rising fuel prices, weakening exports, and a weakening of the Indonesian Rupiah. By the end of 2013, the company’s share price increased by 15.35% in comparison to its price back in 2012, and has increased a whopping 105% in comparison to our IPO price.

Backed by an experienced management team and key controlling shareholders, CAS Group has managed to secure long term relationships with world-leading airlines and logistic providers. In 2004, under the subsidiary brand CAS Destination, PT Jasa Angkasa Semesta (JAS) struck a strategic partnership with Singapore Airport Terminal Services (SATS) and JAS Aero Engineering (JAE) became a partner of SIA Engineering Company. We are now the aviation solution provider of choice in Indonesia for world-acclaimed airlines. Within our efforts of being the premier one-stop solution provider for the aviation, food, and other related industries, CAS Group is composed of four different subsidiary brands, each with our own unique specialization and uniqueness. Our subsidiary brands are: CAS Destination, CAS Food, CAS Facility, and CAS People.

Under CAS Destination lies the majority of CAS Group’s operations. CAS Destination is catered towards the aviation industry and provides services such as ground handling, cargo handling, priority lounge services, Airport Special Assistance (ASA) and Aircraft Line Maintenance Services. Composed of PT Jasa Angkasa Semesta Tbk and PT JAS Aero Engineering. CAS Destination is the foremost ground services and line maintenance provider operating in no less than 17 of Indonesia’s major international airports. CAS Food is our subsidiary brand that is specialized in providing food and catering solutions for anything from industrial oil and mining companies to airline in-flight catering.

CAS Food is composed of two subsidiary companies: PT Cardig Anugrah Sarana Catering (CASC) and PT Purantara Mitra Angkasa Dua (PMAD). Our CAS Facility subsidiary is aiming to also be the one-stop preferred choice for facility management solutions. Composed of PT Cardig Anugra Sarana Bersama (CASB), CAS Facility serves customers from a whole spectrum of sectors, including corporate offices, hotels, shopping malls, industrial buildings, and health care providers. With planned future expansions of new business ventures, CAS Facility is committed to providing integrated and customizable solutions for our customers.